" The power of God is with you at all the time; through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and emotions; and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument." - Bhagwad Gita.

For time unknown, man has been associating and identifying his existence with his body. But the fact remains that our body is not conscious of life but our thoughts are conscious of our body. We are all Divine Beings, made in the image of Perfection. The Instinctive Man within us is perfect and yet time and again, imperfection does not fail to appear. Imperfection that appears in our body, our actions and reactions, within us and environment around us. Question then is, where is this imperfection coming fro
m? Well, when this divine power created us in his image, he also gave us ‘Free Will’ to choose. Which means, we can choose to act and react in a certain manner and the divine does not interfere with our choice. We all have this freedom to choose to make ourselves most uncomfortable or open up for all the goodies that this universe has to give us. Again, this is an individual choice and is never forced upon.
When man discovered that he could consciously think and realized that his thoughts would come back again, he concluded that there is something (memory) that is active and is inner mental action. This memory is nothing but the stored thoughts in our subconscious that were once in our conscious. Our thoughts in our conscious along with those in our subconscious operate our body. These thoughts along with the emotions (positive or negative) that are largely based on the previous experiences trigger our response in every situation. And in most of the times, these responses or reactions are very illogical and cannot be explained.
We continue to use combination of our free will and the choice of our thoughts to create our environment. Which also means that we can use this powerful combination to completely recreate our environment and heal our body. Whether you do it or not all depends on your determination and conviction. Determination to bring change within yourself.
Having said that, our ‘will’ does only this much in changing this responses that are rooted deeply in our subconscious. Maybe now it does not surprise you so much why it is so difficult for you to change your old habits or reactions. All your diet plans works not more than few days. It is also an answer to your confusion why your New Year resolutions do not continue for more than few weeks.
Curiosity that made you read so much of this stuff is evidence that there is something in you that needs change. And if this is not true, Congratulations for being one of those few enlightened beings. There is nothing more that this website has to offer you.
But if this is true in even one case, use your ‘will’ to go ahead and call us. We can help you to get connected with your deep rooted thoughts and emotions and alter those unexplained responses.
Everyone needs help once in a while and it is OK to ask for one. We are listening to you!!