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Professional and Confidential Service
Clients are treated on a one-to-one basis with an initial consultation determining the nature of the issue and the proposed course of treatment. A relaxation hypnotherapy session is also included during the initial consultation, offering an enjoyable and beneficial introduction to hypnosis. Subsequent sessions are tailored to achieve the desired goal for the individual.
Consultations are by appointment only and a session tends to last 50-75 minutes, the initial consultation often taking a little longer however.
You can reach us between 9am – 8pm any day on the given numbers. It is quite possible that your calls are not attended if we are in middle of therapy. In that case, please send an SMS with your full name and presenting problem and we will reply as soon as we can.
Alternatively, you may also choose to write about you and presenting issue thru email.
Please feel free to call even to just informally chat about how can we work together on your issue. We are listening to you.

Reach us at:

Name: Sachin C Deshmukh
Location: 12/403 Vastu Anand, Kharegaon, Kalwa (W) - 400605
Phone: +91 9769097975 / +91 9967330863 / +91 2225424629

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